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Hi guys! Are you a big fan of Medieval knights? If the answer is yes, do not miss the chance to become a brave knight in Goodgame Empire. This strategy action game from Goodgame Studios will never disappoint you. Moreover, you will definitely be addicted to its lively graphic and excellently melodious music.

What to look for in Goodgame Empire?

Goodgame Empire

Once reaching Goodgame Empire, you have the responsibility to build your own Medieval kingdom and protect it from the invasion of notorious Robber Barons. Count Wilhelm is your assistant in this noble mission. He will stay by your side through every step of the way. Ask him whenever you need help.

First of all, you need to build your own castle and army. Buy the factories to produce essential resources such as wood, stone, weapons, and so on. After that, build barracks to recruit the soldiers. The Commanders will provide them with fighting skills and mighty weapons.

In addition, do not forget to create farms and storehouses. These constructions are supposed to increase the food supplies and storage capacity. Build the dwellings to attract more and more citizens to your kingdom. Collect taxes so that you can afford all kinds of expenses of your empire.

Besides, many villainous forces are intending to slaughter your kingdom and abduct everyone. It is time for you to be ready for the battle. Let’s plan the attack. We can attack the traitor from three different sides. Click on your warriors and drag them into the field for a frontal attack. Your brave actions will earn you the title of knight and make you the Lord of your own castle.

Goodgame Empire

Once your castle marks its name on the world map, everything will be more complex. You have to expand your land, train different types of warriors, develop your defense, and so on. Whenever you complete the tasks, you will earn valuable rewards like gold coins, wood, stones, rubies, and so forth. Open the treasures to gather more surprises and jewels.

Ultimately, remember that your supreme objective is to unite the four kingdoms under your rule. You need to prepare well for the biggest battle. Fulfill the mission to become the greatest king of the Middle Ages.

Are you eager enough to dip yourself into one of the most wonderful adventures in the world? Do not be backward to jump into Goodgame Empire. Medieval Europe is waiting for you. Please share us your magnificent victory. Good luck!

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